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If you work in supply chain management, you’ll want to enter the MHD magazine and Transport and Logistics News SCM IT survey. Apart from the chance to win a $2,000 prize package, here is why…
If you are in the supply chain business, whether as a wholesaler, retailer, distributor, 3PL or transport operator, you will be using ERP, WMS, Excel, or any of the many specialist software applications available for the supply chain and logistics industry.
You are operating in possibly the most diverse and confusing sector IT-wise. Because while there are software packages that will look after everything from voice picking, vehicle scheduling to full automation, many users today admit to still being almost inseparably wedded to their Excel spreadsheet and paper printouts.
“The explosion of e-commerce is pushing companies to rethink their supply chain management strategies,” said Mark Dawson, managing director of Microlistics, Australia’s only company recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS. “This has also led to a significant increase in the number of 3PL and fulfilment operators in the Australasian market place, where premium customer service remains critical. The competition between traditional ‘Bricks and Mortar’ (B&M) retailers and the e-commerce players is also putting pressure on the inventory holding split between traditional and e-commerce orders.
“Many traditional B&M retailers are finding the operational and systems challenges of managing omni-channel orders and the competition for ‘one inventory’ difficult to manage. This is driving implementation of new supply chain and e-commerce technology particularly in the WMS and parcel management technology space.”
Tell suppliers what you need, what you want
Which one of these are you? Could you possibly be divorced from your spreadsheets, if you are still using those as your primary solution? What do you need, what will you look for, when you finally decide to make the break? Or, if you’re already on a dedicated software package, how is it going? What is good, what is bad? What are you missing?
MHD magazine and Transport & Logistics News’ 2018 Supply Chain Software User Survey can help you ask for the answers. The survey will give you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences with your current packages, what you’re missing, what you’re looking for.
“Today’s software is smarter, faster, cheaper than ever before,” said group managing director of Bestrane David Sanders. “In addition, many applications are available through an internet-connected browser to all types of sensors that is rapidly expanding the number, type and location of ‘users’.”
This survey not only seeks to ask you the Good, Bad and Ugly of how supply chain software is currently being used, but also looks over the horizon to detect the key issues and trends driving the requirements of the future.
Your responses to the survey will give supply chain software suppliers a chance to evaluate what users are thinking, wanting, and needing in their packages. Available to enter now, entering the survey will allow you to outline, or tell them in great detail, your opinions and insights into what you look for when you decide on a new software package, what you need, what is important for you.
And you could win a $2,000 prize package!
To help prompt you to enter the survey, we have an amazing $2,000 prize package for one randomly selected winner from the respondents. The lucky winner will not only receive a travel voucher worth $1,000, but will also have the opportunity to nominate their charity of choice, to which we will donate the other $1,000.
That’s right, by entering the survey, you will have the chance to win $1,000 for the charity of your choice plus a $1,000 travel voucher!
The 2018 Supply Chain Users’ Survey is open now. Click here to participate!

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