What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

Intelligent Transport Systems Australia (ITS Australia) has released its research and report Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Australia: Customer Insights and Opportunities.
There’s much discussion these days about once-in-a-generation change: digital disruption, major demographic and societal shifts, and mega-projects offering improvements unimagined by our grandparents or sometimes even parents.
What has not been seen before though is the kind of unprecedented potential for change in transport we are currently experiencing. During interviews with more than 80 leaders in the transport sector, across government, industry and academia, a strong theme emerged that not since the mass-production of private vehicles c1920 has there been such potential for revolutionary change in the transport sector.
Transport innovation like ‘Mobility as a Service’ offers the potential to drastically improve customer choices, reduce travel costs, increase network capacity and transport sustainability whilst improving social and environmental outcomes.
MaaS is built on the availability of real-time transport data, electronic ticketing and toll-road charging, and near ubiquitous digital devices enabling customers to be better informed and give them access to transport or mobility options that work best for them. MaaS is only possible due to the wide-spread and advancing application of ITS both in Australia and internationally.
While the mass-production of private vehicles obviously had a stunning impact on society and the built environment, the advent of connected and automated vehicles and other revolutionary technologies offer the potential for similar levels of disruption. Concepts like Mobility as a Service and evolving transport networks are ways we can adapt to, and positively leverage, societal and technological disruption.
CEO of ITS Australia Susan Harris said: “The research and survey responses have been analysed to glean insights into how Australia can prepare a pathway forward for these mobility services locally. Looking at a holistic approach that ensures our most important stakeholders, end-users or customers are included in preparing for this exciting once-in-a-generation opportunity, we are pleased to share this research and the outcomes with the ITS industry and look forward to supporting the industry in the development of suitable, on-demand and MaaS Systems for the Australian community.”
The report can be accessed at www.its-australia.com.au/maasreport.

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