VISA Global Logistics joins MEGATRANS2018

Award-winning Australian international logistics company and freight forwarder, VISA Global Logistics, is joining inaugural supply chain event, MEGATRANS2018, to showcase its service offerings.
VISA Global Logistics CEO, Simon Hardwidge, said that MEGATRANS2018 is not just about equipment suppliers, it embraces the entire freight and logistics chain.
“As a global enterprise with dealings with importers, exporters, retailers and manufacturers, VISA Global Logistics is seizing an important opportunity to represent at MEGATRANS2018 to demonstrate how we add value to our clients,” said Hardwidge.
“As one of Australia’s largest privately-owned international freight forwarding companies, we have an extensive global network that continues to grow.
“Last year alone, the company acquired offices in India, Spain and the Netherlands while opening new facilities in Italy. In order to remain competitive, and to look to the future, it is vital for businesses in the freight and logistics space to push innovation and share ideas.”
VISA Global Logistics was awarded the Freight Forwarder of the Year Award at the 2017 Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards.
MEGATRANS2018 aims to bring together leaders and stakeholders in the wider Australian and international supply chain, including those in the transport, logistics, warehousing solutions, materials handling and infrastructure sectors.

VISA Global Logistics announces joint venture with Navigators Logistics

Privately owned Australian international logistics company VISA Global Logistics (VGL) has announced a joint venture with Indian logistics company Navigators Logistics over three consecutive launch events in New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.
The new company is formally called Navigators VISA Global Logistics, or NVGL.
“The partnership was founded on the amalgamation of two like-minded companies that share an unwavering commitment to technology, quality, best practice and a customer-centric approach,” said VGL in a media statement.
VGL and Navigators Logistics’ senior executives attended the events along with the Italian Ambassador to India, His Excellency Lorenzo Angeloni; Italian Consul General, Ugo Ciarlatani; and the Italian Chamber of Commerce Secretary General, Claudio Maffioletti.
“The joint venture combines VGL’s 35 years and Navigators’ 10 years of knowledge and expertise in global logistics and improving supply chains across industries,” VGL added.
Through 15 owned and operated offices, NVGL will handle door-to-door global transport of goods on the Europe – India, India – Asia and India – Australia trade lanes.
“As India progressively integrates into the global economy, the country’s population and buying power will be a driving factor in global trade,” said Vittorio Tarchi, Founder and Director, VGL. “At VGL, we have already seen a significant increase in containers moved in and out of India in the past five years, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.”
Simon Hardwidge, Managing Director of VISA Global Logistics, told Prime Creative Media that India offers a good opportunity for growth.
“VISA Global Logistics has been working together with Navigators out of our European offices for four years, and saw the value in making it a formal arrangement,” Hardwidge said.
“We are very excited to announce the joint venture as the Navigator people are enthusiastic, and looking forward to further developing the business together.”

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