New Westport project director to navigate Perth Outer Harbour plan

Planning for the Outer Harbour freight vision has entered a new phase, with the appointment of Tim Collins as Project Director for the Westport Office.
Collins has more than 20 years’ experience in port-related strategic planning, commercial management and logistics.
He will be responsible for overseeing the development of the long-term strategic plans for the Port of Fremantle’s Outer Harbour and future Inner Harbour, ensuring that the community and stakeholders are engaged and consulted at every stage.
Collins’ background includes leading major state supply-chain operations as Business Development Principal for Arc Infrastructure and as Executive Manager Logistics for the CBH Group.
He will assume the role on 30 January.
“Mr Collins’ wealth of knowledge and experience in port operations will be highly valuable to the Westport Taskforce’s investigations that will guide the state government’s planning and development of the Outer Harbour port facilities,” said Rita Saffioti, Transport Minister, Western Australian Government.
“I am confident he will provide strong leadership in developing Westport’s strategic plans for the necessary infrastructure and road and rail links that will maximise long-term economic benefits and future job opportunities.”

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