New forklifts at Sydney produce markets

Nomel Logistics trialled a Toyota forklift for just over a week before Grant Ekstrom ordered a fleet of eight similar machines for his family-owned company.

Every day Nomel unloads fruit and vegetables from trucks coming into the Sydney fresh produce markets. Each pallet weighs around one tonne.

The produce is moved from the trucks onto the ground where the contents are checked. The produce is then lifted again onto other trucks and delivered to various agents for distribution to greater Sydney.

"We unload around 30 per cent of the fruit and vegetables coming into Sydney and run the forklifts for approximately 10 hours a night," Mr Ekstrom said.

"We carry out around 8000 to 15,000 lifts per month, depending on which season we’re in.

"I was having trouble with my existing forklifts and one of the market-based mechanics, Buddy Nohra, hired me a Toyota 8-Series forklift to trial," said Grant Ekstrom, who runs Nomel Logistics together with his father Terry Ekstrom.

Buddy Nohra, a contractor who repairs, services and hires forklifts, had recommended the reliability of Toyota forklifts.

"I’d been having overheating problems with the forklifts I had on my old fleet, and this meant less productivity," said Grant Ekstrom.

"After I’d had the 8-Series for just over a week I put in an order for eight.

"We don’t have time to stop for overheating forklifts because any downtime creates problems in terms of moving the produce quickly and efficiently," he said.

"Toyota’s 8-Series is a pleasure to drive. The forklifts are smooth and you sit higher so you can see more of what’s happening around you, as well as seeing potential hazards. But most importantly they are reliable."

Toyota designed the 1-to-3.5- tonne 8-Series internal combustion counterbalance forklifts to achieve increased safety and ergonomics, reduce operating costs and for greater environmental friendliness.

The 8-Series forklifts represent the result of eight years of intensive customer research and a multi-million dollar investment in product R&D.

Safety features of the Toyota 8-Series range include Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) as standard equipment.

For further information on the Toyota Material Handling range, freecall 1800 425 438, or visit the website at

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