Airfreight security report released

Addressing the demands of today’s heightened security environment is about to become easier, following the release of a definitive new Airfreight Security Report by the Air Freight Council of NSW (AFC NSW).

Carried out by security consultancy Intelligent Risks (IR) Pty Limited, the project reviews the effectiveness and determines the impact of Australian security legislation and regulations affecting air cargo operators using Sydney Airport.

While the Airfreight Security project focused primarily on the impact on the industry of post-September 11th aviation security legislation and regulations, it also covered in-depth, wider security issues related to law enforcement and air cargo security.

Over the past five years industry appreciation of the security environment affecting aircraft and air freight has changed considerably, demonstrating the necessity of a more robust and co-ordinated security regime than that historically applied.

The Australian and NSW Governments, which have already implemented a number of commendable security arrangements, indicated strong interest in the report’s findings, and in conjunction with the AFC NSW, are in the process of identifying follow-on actions that will further address industry wide issues, highlighted in the report.

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