CarbonView data capture

Global enterprise software solutions provider Supply Chain Consulting has announced CarbonView, a solution that enables organisations to capture, analyse and optimise carbon emission data across their operations.

CarbonView allows companies to save money and achieve carbon reductions by analysing their entire supply chain from a carbon perspective.

Peter Klein, Supply Chain Consulting’s EMEA Vice President, began developing CarbonView eight months ago, after becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of tools available to help businesses become more carbon-friendly.

Supply Chain Consulting has been working with a number of key carbon database suppliers globally to provide comprehensive greenhouse gas emission data that organisations will require for effective analysis of the environmental consequences of their operations.

Using this data, and data that companies have collected internally, businesses can run different supply chain scenarios, comparing economic and environmental changes and the supply chain impact to determine which scenario is both environmentally sound and financially viable.

In addition, CarbonView allows on-going carbon emission monitoring, with alerts set to be triggered when emissions reach pre-determined levels.

Supply Chain Consulting CEO Tony Carr says by analysing supply chains at all levels, organisations can reduce carbon footprints at various stages of product design, manufacture, distribution and sale. The result is a double bottom line benefit. “Environmental stewardship is engulfing businesses in Europe, with Australia and other nations set to follow suit,” he says.

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