World’s first in distribution technology

Australian supply chain standards association GS1 Australia is the first in the world to introduce an online GS1netTM Validation Engine (VE) following the introduction of the new Global Data Synchronisation NetworkTM (GDSN) standards.

GS1 Australia released its GDSN compliant service, GS1net, earlier this year but it has just introduced the VE and is now working with its supply chain communities on transition to the new platform. 

GS1 Australia believes that the validation process will help Australian industry meet the increasing requirements for data accuracy, which is an essential component for successful supply chains.

The GS1net platform will leapfrog global peers by incorporating data validation services as part of the GS1net platform.

The GS1net Validation Engine will provide complete validation of more than 300 retail and industry business rules required by the GS1net platform through a web based portal.

GDSN is an internet-based, interconnected network of data pools with a global registry that enables companies around the world to exchange standardised and synchronised supply chain data with their trading partners.

Leadtec, an Australia leader in b2b e-commerce and GS1 Alliance Partner, was selected by GS1 Australia to develop and host the new GS1net VE functionality.

GS1 Australia COO Mark Fuller says Leadtec was an obvious partner for the GS1net VE project with its data synchronisation and b2b e-commerce expertise.

“GS1 and Leadtec have partnered on projects like the GS1 Community Management Tool and the EANnet Validator past and the GS1net VE is an exciting extension to our partnership.”

Managing Director of Leadtec Scott Needham says Leadtec is excited to be involved in such a groundbreaking project with clear business benefits to Australian supply chain communities.

“The platform has been implemented using an On Demand model allowing for the delivery of powerful functionality while being highly cost effective,” he said.

GS1 Australia is already globally renowned for the widespread adoption of its EANnet® platform for data synchronisation in Australian supply chain communities.

General Manager at GS1 Australia Richard Jones says traditionally EANnet members went through an accreditation process including data validation prior to becoming EANnet ready.

“The new GS1net Validation Engine will ensure that member data is validated with every upload ensuring the highest level of data quality,” Richard said.


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