Adelaide Hills rail network study promised

The Mayor of Mitcham, Ivan Brooks, says he believes a study into the Adelaide Hills rail network would find that a bypass route is needed for freight trains, reports the ABC.

The study is being promised by the Coalition as part of its transport package for South Australia.

Mr Brooks says there should not be 12 to 18 freight trains travelling through the Adelaide Hills each day, sharing the line with passenger trains.

"The line was opened in 1883 to carry a little bit of freight and passengers," he said.

"It is very steep [and] very windy.

"It was never meant for what it is being used [for] today."

Mr Brooks says a ring route needs to be developed so the freight rail network goes around the city instead of through it.

He says there should be an accompanying road so semi-trailers do not have to use the South Eastern Freeway.

"We have been lucky recently with two or three accidents and fortunately no one has been seriously hurt,"

he said.

"It is only a matter of time.

"If we can take some of those trucks with the trains that do not need to come into Adelaide, that would be fantastic."

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