Aussie technology foils car thieves

Earlier this month, a Toyota Camry was carjacked just before midnight in one of Nigeria’s largest cities. The driver of the vehicle was shot in the process, and the thieves escaped in the stolen vehicle. The vehicle was fitted with EziTrak®. Within minutes, the vehicle was tracked and immobilised some 13 km from where it was stolen.

Using GPS coordinates from the EziTrak® unit, police were able to locate and recover the stolen vehicle. The driver has been discharged from hospital and is recovering well.

So what is EziTrak®? EziTrak® is a monitoring, protection & tracking system which gives car and vehicle owners personalised, self-monitoring with no ongoing back-to-base fees. EziTrak® utilises GPS and GSM technology to give the owner instant tampering notification, control, tracking and emergency alert information over the phone.

With EziTrak®, you are completely in control of the security of your car. Interaction is typically by selecting menu options over the phone (mobile phone or landline). This menu allows you to remotely immobilise the engine, lock and unlock the doors, check on your vehicle anytime, and obtain a status report including location to within 6 metres.

As a Silent Anti-theft system, EziTrak® calls its owner within seconds of a door opening or ignition detection. By selecting an option on your phone, you can instantly immobilise the engine and stop the theft. If the vehicle is towed away, you can track its removal over the phone or via GPS mapping software. Unlike other alarms or immobilising products, EziTrak® does not incur monitoring fees or charges; just a once-off purchase and installation cost.

The only additional requirement is a GSM SIM card from your preferred network provider. EziTrak® has an internal Black Box Recorder logging speed, position, time and date from 1 to 255 hours. This information can be downloaded to a PC and then played back on a moving map display.

A GSM antenna allows EziTrak® to be a truly covert security system. This antenna is compact and can be hidden anywhere on the vehicle. The antenna looks like part of the normal wiring system, so detection by thieves is virtually impossible. Ready to install, EziTrak® is a compact, robust module that keeps power consumption to a minimum. EziTrak® offers you security, control, GPS tracking and emergency notification.

EziTrak® is manufactured in Australia and available worldwide. EziTrak® is available in Nigeria through Nigertrak.

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