GPS in an emergency

Family owned transport company Ontraq Haulage invested in the OmniTRACK system a year ago in order to track goods being transported to mining sites in WA. Ontraq never anticipated the significance of OmniTRACK’s messaging system until one of their truck operator’s was trapped in a storm just out of Newman in northern Western Australia.

National Sales Manager of OmniTRACK Lindsay Ross explains: “OmniTRACK’s state of the art technology is not only helping businesses monitor their assets, but is ensuring that personnel are safe and able to communicate anywhere in Australia at any time.”

Ontraq business owner Daniel Otway says while their operator was caught in a storm, they were able to communicate through the OmniTRACK messaging system.

“With no other means of communication we were able to message our operator to ensure he had taken all the necessary precautions to prepare for the storm. Likewise, he was sending through messages asking us to call his wife and tell her he would be home soon.”

OmniTRACK provides fleet managers with a range of key performance indicators while addressing duty of care and chain responsibility considerations important in managing assets and personnel.

“Luckily, our operator got through the storm in good shape and was able to leave the site soon after. We will never know what may have happened if we were not able to communicate with the operator in that situation, but as a company we feel that we did the best we could to protect our employee in the situation he was placed in,” Mr Otway says.

“I would definitely recommend OmniTRACK to other businesses. Instead of trying to keep track of where your trucks and staff are through phone calls or worse, guessing where they are, you can always keep one eye on those assets and the other on making your business more productive.”

Mr Otway continued to say that OmniTRACK also assisted his customer liaison, whereby he could advise customers on the exact location of their goods which can be tracked around the clock and that being able to offer an estimated time of arrival of goods makes it more efficient for his clients.

“OmniSTAR has given us great support. It is a fundamental part of our business and we couldn’t serve our customers to our full potential without it. We are starting to capitalize on the capabilities of OmniTRACK and all that it has to offer. Every day we continue to learn more about the features that can help in the running of our business,” Otway says.

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