M3 Mobile Computer

Powered by Intel’s Xscale 520Mhz processor, Peacock Bros. M3 mobile computer offers fast processing and functionality combined with the pre-installed Windows CE Net 5.0 operating system. With a drop rating of 1.5 Meters onto concrete and a long life lithium polymer battery, the M3 will continue to work long hours in the most harsh of conditions without recharging or maintenance.

Peacock Bros. have seen a quick up-take of this device from companies within the Transport and Logistics markets, with the ability to offer the same value and productivity within fields such as Healthcare, Warehousing and Field Service. The M3 performs real-time processing, fast operation, rich multimedia playback and wireless web browsing with ease.

Peacock Bros. M3 is available in two models, the M3 and the M3+ depending on the connectivity, computing power and memory storage required. This mobile computer is taking the world by storm with overseas customers such as FedEx, Coca Cola and DHL placing orders.

The M3 ships as a complete kit including:

– M3 Terminal

– Charging Cradle

– Power Supply

– Earphones

– 2 x batteries

– 2 x stylus pens

The standard features match any other device in the market including: 19 button keypad, Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless connectivity, USB, Serial, IrDA connectivity, 1D and 2D barcode scanner, Colour camera (for proof of delivery and condition), 3.5 inch colour screen, SD and CF card slots, Minimum 64Mb RAM (up to 256Mb), Minimum 64Mb Memory (up to 512 Mb) and Microphone.

Accessories include:

– Vehicle cradle

– GPS antenna

– Vehicle Cigarette Jack

– Belt clips and holders

– Pistol Grips

– 4 Slot Ethernet cradle

Peacock Bros. also provide local service, maintenance and installation to make sure you get the very best performance from the M3.

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