Corner Wrap Label printer and applicator

Combining high quality label printing with a specially designed label applicator that affixes a single label around the corner of a carton as it travels via a conveyor line.

In addition to offering a selection of high quality label print engines that address various print speeds and resolutions, the corner wrap system is available with optional RFID print engines from Zebra Technologies that will satisfy the emerging requirements of today’s supply chain.

The Weber 5200 corner wrap printer applicator comes standard with both direct thermal and thermal transfer print engines for printing of text, barcodes and graphic images at 203 or 300dpi. The RFID models combine those capabilities with the encoding and verification of RFID tags to meet that meet the specifications of GS1 Gen2 standards.

This system works by producing labels both printed and RFID encoded, and automatically removing them from their liner and retaining them by vacuum on a swing arm mounted tamp pad. As a carton approaches, the tamp pad applies the label to its front panel, then swings around the corner and wipes the remaining portion of the label on its adjacent side.

The corner wrap system handles labels up to 101mm wide and 304mm in length, and will print and apply labels up a 15 cartons per minute. The complete unit is built to withstand the wear and tear of extended usage and harsh manufacturing environments. The sensitive electronic components are protected inside a corrosion resistant, stainless steel housing.

As standard, the applicator is equipped with label and ribbon alerts plus various outputs for easy connection to external controls and data systems. Options include a heavy duty stand and label and product sensors.

Peacock Bros. are the exclusive distributor of the Weber printer applicator range in Australia and New Zealand, and have specialized technical staff that will assist in custom installations and advice in getting the very best from automated label print and apply solutions.

For more information, go to the peacock Bros website or contact Peacock Bros. on: 1300 723 282 or email:

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