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Infor has unveiled Infor EAM Enterprise Edition, the company’s new version of its flagship enterprise asset management (EAM) solution.

The new version includes built-in functionality specifically for the Fleet Management, Manufacturing, Facilities and Life Sciences industries. Future releases will provide business-specific functionality for additional industries.

Infor Datastream 7i will now be known as Infor EAM Enterprise Edition.

“EAM Enterprise Edition has domain expertise built-in, addressing the reality that different kinds of business have different asset management needs,” says Infor’s senior director, Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Marty Osborn. “Infor’s business-specific capabilities enable customers to quickly and efficiently manage their assets without a lot of customisation, and that leads to low cost of ownership.”

In addition, EAM Enterprise Edition’s new Configuration Manager enables customers to create and store their own configurations. The configuration store removes the administrative tasks of moving from one configuration to another and allows companies to quickly deploy settings from test to training to production systems.

“Long viewed from a horizontal perspective, Enterprise Asset Management is trending towards a vertical approach as customers seek ways to enhance operating performance and improve competitive positioning in their specific industry,” says ARC Advisory Group’s senior analyst, enterprise software Houghton LeRoy. “To successfully penetrate vertical industries, EAM providers must demonstrate deep industry expertise as well as strong technical capabilities that address the unique needs of these customers.”

Business-specific functionality is important because it allows companies to access built-in features instead of highly customising a generic software package, which is expensive and risky.

For instance, Bentley College, a Waltham, Massachusetts leader in business education, sought a solution to improve the management of campus facilities.

These improvements have elevated Bentley to the top performer in work order process among its peers, as reported in the Sightlines LLC benchmarking, a facilities asset advisory firm that ranks how colleges and universities manage physical assets against financial performance.

“Infor’s enterprise asset management solution provides us with functionality specifically for our facilities,” says Bentley College assistant director of facilities operations Tom Kane. “We’ve improved many facets of our operation including, work order productivity, manpower scheduling and preventive maintenance setting us apart and dramatically improving our facilities operation.”

Infor Enterprise Asset Management solutions allow customers to maintain, manage, and improve the performance of their capital asset infrastructure, including manufacturing equipment, fleets, and facilities.

The solution combines asset management functionality and reporting with analytics to deliver a powerful platform for optimising enterprise asset performance.

Infor’s EAM solutions go beyond traditional management of assets providing information that helps identify key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues, and helps to make forward-looking decisions to take action.

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