Express industry sorter

Australian materials handling specialist ICA in conjunction with FKI Logistex, is supplying two S3000CB Cross Belt Sorters with accompanying sub-systems for the express freight industry.

The S3000CB Cross Belt Sorter is most suited for this application with its capability to sort an extremely wide mix of items including fragile, small, large, non rigid and all types packaging materials.

The S3000CB Cross Belt Sorter comprises separate carts coupled together in a continuous loop, each with one or a number of cross-belt units, and can be configured to suit existing or new facilities due to its flexibility.

The total system occupies a minimum of floor space and can incline and decline as required to suit every situation. Future upgrades can be carried out with a minimum of down time.

The S3000CB Cross Belt Sorter can be optioned with various sizes of cross belt units which increase the range of items to be sorted and the throughput capacity.

Typical applications where the sorter is used are freight processing centres, warehouse and distribution, textile industry, mail order companies, book and newspaper industries, periodical distribution companies, shoe distribution companies, retail distribution companies, CD music industry and many others.

Accurate control of the cross belt acceptance speed, discharge speed, acceleration and deceleration means it is particularly suited for sorting unstable and fragile items. This accuracy of discharging items allows discharge outlets to be located at close pitch thereby decreasing floor area of the system.

Total sorter throughput capacity is dependent upon cross belt size, speed of sorter carts, number and configuration of inductions but can be up to 15,000 items per hour or more if required.

The design has a minimum of contact parts and therefore requires minimum maintenance. A defective part can be automatically disabled by the control system and replaced during a scheduled stop.

Replacement of most items can be carried out without the aid of any special tools or skills. As a result of modular construction only a minimum inventory of spare parts is required.

The extremely low operating noise level of 65dB(A) means the S3000CB sorter can be installed in all processing areas and working environments.

The basic elements of the control system consist of a personal computer and the applicable machine control software.

This control system communicates with locally positioned input/output blocks via a standard industrial network, and controls the sorter tables, compilation of statistics and surveillance reports, and data exchange with the host computer and other connected control systems including modems.

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