Multilingual Logistics software arrives

icsLogistics, a new software Package from Infocomm is able to run in multiple languages in real time, allowing smoother communication and error-free logistics in the transport, manufacturing and warehousing industries.

Infocomm Software’s Louie Kouvelas says the new software allows different users to access the same files in different languages.

“One user can be looking at Mandarin characters while another reads the same information at the same time in English,” he says.

“This helps us provide an end-to-end software solution no matter how many countries may be involved in the process.”

icsLogistics Software Package has also been upgraded to run with Windows as well as existing Unix and Linux systems.

The package comprises several specialised programs including icsWarehouse, icsTransport and icsManufacture, which are all multi-lingual and multi-platform.

icsTransport is a transport management system for companies operating by air, rail, sea, car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle and caters for multiple methods of customer charging such as weight, distance, size or specific contract rates.

icsWarehouse incorporates all modern warehouse management practices including cross-docking, auto put-aways, real-time stocktakes, dangerous goods and temperature control zones.

For manufacturing management, icsManufacture offers similar flexibility and allows order entry and forecasting for planning purposes, as well as inventory control and stock-take capability.

icsLogistics will make its debut at Freight Expo 2007, 19-21 September at Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne.

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