Advanta releases Atlas BI

Advanta Software, specialist software solutions provider to the 3PL and logistics markets, announced the release of ATLAS BI, a state of the art business intelligence module as an addition to Advanta’s ATLAS logistics suite.

ATLAS BI comes as a result of a partnership with local business intelligence specialist Yellowfin International. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Yellowfin focuses on the development of business intelligence solutions that are simple to use and easy to integrate into a clients’ existing IT systems.

“For some time we have been searching for a business intelligence solution that meets the broad range of web reporting and analysis needs of the 3PL and logistics markets,” comments Advanta managing director of Robert Kery.

“While there are many products available, we found Yellowfin’s product to be unique. It provides not only the broad functionality and ease of use required in the logistics market, but also the necessary interfacing flexibility which has made it possible to provide a seamless interface to ATLAS,” he says.

“Most importantly, Yellowfin’s product caters for the complexity inherent in the multi tiered relationship’s between 3PL/4PL’s, clients and the client’s customers to ensure that the reporting requirements are met across all levels of the supply chain”

“I am confident that Atlas BI will provide substantial value to logistics service providers and I am looking forward to a great long term relationship with Advanta Software,” says Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie.

Atlas BI is an advanced business intelligence module developed using Yellowfin’s underlying business intelligence application and providing the seamless integration to Advanta’s ATLAS suite.

Atlas BI improves business performance by presenting meaningful information in a visually attractive and easy to read format. As part of the Atlas e-Logistics suite, Atlas BI comprises of a number of components as shown below:

· Atlas BI Ereports is a reporting toolkit which provides for the development of web based enquiries and reports which are presented in a visually attractive and simple to read format. Atlas E-reports’ transforms data from data tables into graphical reports which are easy to analyse. For example pie charts, report tables and line graphs.

· Atlas BI Dashboard is a dashboard toolkit allowing the development of a personalised business intelligence dashboard. Atlas Dashboard enhances the visibility of business performance. It displays performance of specific objectives against pre defined targets, providing the tools to improve business decisions through out the organisation.

· Atlas Console is a software and services bundle providing a logistics specific dashboard and reports together with a set of pre configured data views implementation services.

The ATLAS BI suite will be enhanced in the near future with; –

· Atlas BI Alerts which will allow the establishment of system wide alerts to be triggered and delivered in response to specific user defined events. Atlas BI Alerts will utilise SMS and internet email integration technology to deliver alerts to the designated person or team.

“Atlas BI offers 3PL and logistics service providers an opportunity to offer their clients total transparency in business operations and the ability to measure actual KPIs against target KPIs providing greater control to the user,” says Robert Kery.

“We’re very excited with the addition of ATLAS BI to our product suite. Early feedback from our client bases has been very positive and we expect many of our clients to take up the ATLAS BI module in the coming months.”

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