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In its 4th year, RFID World Australasia is a two-day educational and networking forum where RFID end users, systems integrators, vendors and analysts gather to learn and do business.

As Australia slowly moves towards real-time use of RFID in the supply chain, demonstrable benefits have already been proven in closed-loop applications.

Aberdeen Group’s recent survey of 220 end users in the high touch manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, textiles and hospital sectors found 38% use RFID to improve inventory management, effectively manage assets and eliminate time wasting manual intervention.

According to the Aberdeen research, reducing loss, reducing time-wasting manual intervention, reducing the time it takes to get from information request to information delivery and resolution, the ability to find and fill process flow gaps with idle equipment, parts and people, and, ultimately, the ability of an organisation to structure its pricing to reflect the actual costs of doing business, together represent the value proposition of RFID.

Determine whether RFID is right for your business today!

Take away real-world learnings from Rolls Royce, Virgin Blue, BHP Billiton, the Australian Defence Force and Transurban and discover how RFID has improved asset management and inventory visibility in these diverse organisations.

And what of RFID in the open supply chain? GS1 Australia, Telstra, CHEP, Motorola, Cisco and BEA are at the forefront of piloting and developing RFID in this space.

Hear GS1’s Maria Palazzolo, Telstra’s Kevin Larnach and CHEPs Murray Fane discuss the promising results of the National Demonstrator Project extension, which delivered 100 percent read rates and guaranteed the visibility of pallets travelling through the supply chain!

RFID World Australasia will feature presentations on the following themes:

· Market drivers and business opportunities

· The value proposition of RFID technology

· The scope of RFID in the supply chain

· Data capture and technological considerations

· Inventory visibility and product authentication

· Asset management

· Contactless payments

To register, call Tracey on +61 2 9021 8807 or book online now.

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