Automated stacker/retrieval system to replace forklifts?

ICA’s radio frequency (RF) controlled Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is a completely customisable technology that serves order picking, storing, packaging or any other materials handling function for businesses of all types including food, packaging, retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, third party logistics and shipping/transport.

It uses a customised system of fast, dedicated aisle stacker cranes that use proven simple, safe cable-free remote control technology to exact rapid stock movement.

Each crane can be designed according to the physical parameters of an existing or new warehouse, so the utmost return is derived from the implementation.

ASRS crane systems are designed to maximise the use of building heights while occupying a minimum of floor area. In general, items are normally stored single or double deep into racking.

ASRS solutions can apply to the storage of palletised products, totes (container or tray), skids, boxes, uniform units, odd units, or even wine barrels – virtually any product that exists in a warehouse or storage facility

With the inclusion of X and Y axis laser positioning and control systems combined with Radio Frequency (RF) communications, the traditional inefficiency’s and operational problems have been eliminated while increasing the performance.

The inclusion of RF technology is a major development as it removes one of the biggest potential problems associated with crane technology, the looping control cable between the long travel assembly and the hoist carriage, while improving safety.

Each crane has its own communications channel and can be operated independently of others to perform specific tasks.

The RF technology extends to being able to operate the crane from a portable hand held RF HMI (Human Machine Interface) tablet for maintenance, testing and recovery procedures.

Control can be from outside the crane operating aisle therefore greatly improving safety by eliminating the requirement of operators to enter the crane ASRS operating cell. The HMI tablet has a graphical display of crane location, alarms and information necessary to efficiently and quickly operate the crane in manual.

ICA has a standard range of ASRS cranes including single and double mast for both mini-pick and traditional high—rise applications up to 30 metres high. A wide range of standard attachments are available to handle totes, trays, skids, boxes and pallets.

Customised attachments can be developed to suit specific customer needs. Single or multiple load carrying hoisting carriages are available to increase the throughput where necessary

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