Drivecam reduces warehouse vehicle collisions

Toll Contract Logistics, Australia’s premier logistics company, has revealed the findings of a three month trial of DriveCam, a new technology from Traffic Intelligence.

Over the duration of the trial, conducted at its Woolworths Distribution Centre in Minchinbury, a fleet of 58 participating vehicles showed an appreciable reduction in collision rates as well as a significant reduction in the severity of collisions that did occur.

Following the successful evaluation, Toll Contract Logistics have committed to a twelve month implementation of the solution, with a roll out to include all new vehicles based at Minchinbury.

“We are thrilled with the improvements DriveCam has made to our on road safety record,” says Toll Grocery Manager, Mick Cronin. “Reducing the number of collisions and collecting indisputable evidence of accidents caused by third parties, has provided significant cost reductions to our overall business. DriveCam has truly exceeded our expectations.”

Unlike systems that address the road or the vehicle, DriveCam focuses on the driver and incorporates a corrective and preventative approach.

The technology consists of a palm sized event recorder mounted behind the rear view mirror. Unsafe driving behaviours such as hard braking or swerving trigger the recorder which saves critical seconds of footage before and after an incident.

Events are downloaded wirelessly and reviewed by DriveCam behaviour analysts who make recommendations for specific driver coaching.

The footage of the incident and accompanying analysis is forwarded to fleet managers to provide drivers with feedback and appropriate coaching, ensuring long term improvements in driver behaviour.

Prior to commencing the evaluation, Toll engaged in lengthy discussions with the NSW Transport Workers Union to address any concerns over the impacts of the solution.

Toll and the TWU reached a working arrangement that enabled both parties to approach driver safety issues on a united front.

David Quayle, Managing Director of Traffic Intelligence, the Australian provider of DriveCam says Toll is a perfect example of the way an integrated approach to innovative risk mitigation solutions can have a direct impact on improving road safety and provide a substantial reduction in operational costs.

“I congratulate Toll, the TWU and the drivers for embracing this solution for the benefit of all road users,” he says.

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