Supply Chain Executive Devlopment Program

The University of Melbourne and Michigan State University, with support from specialist consulting group GRA will combine to present a challenging supply chain Executive Development Program.

The Executive Development Program, to be held on October 28, will present a contemporary view of integrated supply chain logistics management, and will explore functional areas of the supply chain as well as demonstrate the importance of integration.

The University of Melbourne offers its expertise through the Freight and Logistics Group, Department of Civil Engineering & Environmental Engineering, with key presentations from Senior Lecturer Dr Russell Thompson, and Senior Fellow Peter Dapiran.

Presenting also, will be international experts Dr Bixby Cooper and Dr Don Bowersox of Michigan State University USA, who have led executive programs in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

To facilitate understanding of integrated supply chain management, participants will take part in an advanced logistics management computer simulation.

“The simulation realistically replicates the competitive environment of a manufacturing industry in which managers (course participants) design and operate all aspects of a logistical system for two products across 36 markets,” explains Sean Maynard from Melbourne University’s Department of Information Systems.

“Participants design the logistical system, procure material, schedule production and deliver goods to customers’ satisfaction.”

“Undoubtedly, effective management of an organisation’s supply chain is a necessity in today’s complex business environment,” says Peter Dapiran. “Demographic and geographic factors, the influence of the global economy and rapidly changing technology make such effective management a challenge.”

“This program will be valuable for senior executives with a responsibility for managing an integrated supply chain or a functional area within it, from procurement to distribution,” he says.

For further information please contact:

Lisa Kalms, Project Officer T: + 61 3 9810 3146 or


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