Barcode scanner

Motorola (formerly Symbol Technologies) has produced a rugged barcode scanner, the LS3408ER, that will scan barcodes from as close as 130 mm to as far as 14.6 metres, giving the versatility needed in today’s industrial applications. 
Using high performance laser technology, the LS3408ER is totally immune to outside sunlight and will provide long- and short-range barcode scanning ability for both inside low lit buildings and outdoors in direct sunlight.  The onboard flash memory means that this barcode scanner can be operated without connecting cables and then later linked to your PC for batch-uploading of tasks completed via USB, RS232 or Keyboard Wedge.
The rugged ergonomic casing is comfortable, durable and able to withstand repeated drops onto the concrete floor from up to 2 meters ensuring limited downtime due to breakage.  A large LED screen and extra loud beeper makes it perfect for noisy environments, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30º to 50º.


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