Kaplan invests in Asian logistics

Kaplan Funds Management Pty Limited, Chris Corrigan’s new vehicle in the supply chain business, is to acquire approximately 8.8% of Asian logistics company Freight Links Express Holdings Limited.

Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Freight Links is a total logistics solution provider based in Singapore. Established in 1981, Freight Links provides a range of logistics activities including international freight forwarding, chemical and dangerous goods logistics, warehousing, property management, and record management. Freight Links has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, China and Dubai.

As part of the A$20 million transaction, Freight Links and Kaplan will enter into a 50/50 joint venture to undertake logistics investments in China and India. Freight Links has already made a number of successful investments in China, and the joint venture will aim to leverage Freight Links’ network and understanding of the Chinese logistics market and KFM’s expertise in integrated logistics solutions with a focus on inland intermodal terminals and port logistics.


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