Mobile forklift goes nationwide

Specialist Australian forklift manufacturer, DMA Mobile Forklifts Pty Ltd, has experienced strong growth in the last eight months following steady enquiry about the company’s unique mobile ‘forktrucks’. 
What began as a simple business idea only two years ago has blossomed into a burgeoning business, seeing deliveries of the versatile forktruck all around Australia, as well as generating widespread interest as far away as New Zealand.
Combining the lifting power of a forklift with the convenience and road going capability of a small truck, the mobile forklifts are well suited to a large variety of tasks and applications.
Manufactured in partnership with TMF Engineering Solutions in Shepparton, Victoria, DMA Mobile Forklifts are designed on the Isuzu NKR 200 cab chassis and feature a rearward facing 2-tonne forklift capable of lifting up to 4.8 metres.
The vehicles feature dual gearing, brakes and steering allowing complete control from both the forklift and the truck cab, while a reversing camera helps ease of use and improves safety.
The latest trucks also have a tow hitch fitted rated at 3,500 kg, enabling owners to tow materials to the site, which can then be unloaded once the trailer is unhitched.
Whereas traditional forklifts need to be loaded onto a truck or trailer, transported to the work site and then unloaded, with the process reversed once the job is completed, the DMA forktruck can be driven straight to where it’s needed at legal road speeds.
Once the fork truck arrives on site it can begin the job immediately, allowing for timelier job completion and far less expense to the client.
According to DMA Mobile Forklifts’ proprietor, Ray Cox, recent demand for the forktrucks has been strong. "Trucks have already been delivered to just about every state with several more on order," Mr Cox said, "there’s even been keen interest from New Zealand where we soon hope to send our first shipment of trucks.
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