Parts aplenty

SSS Auto Parts Pty Ltd is one of the leading suppliers, importers and manufacturers of aftermarket automotive parts in Australia and New Zealand.
The company was established in 1987 in Melbourne and has become known as an efficient supplier of quality parts in the automotive industry. Today SSS has branches in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to service its customer base throughout Australia.
The company continuously invests in product development and sophisticated information systems to provide its customers with the best quality and most complete range of products. This commitment to customer satisfaction has earned SSS the prestigious accreditation as an ISO:9001 Quality endorsed company in 1998. SSS Auto Parts take pride in quality management and supply chain excellence.
The company has enjoyed continuous growth in the past years with warehousing space at a premium. The year 2004 saw SSS Perth invest in two mezzanine floor systems through storage systems manufacturer, APC Group. Totalling approximately 850 square metres, the mezzanine areas satisfied SSS Perth’s storage requirements until December of 2006, when SSS Perth again opted for the same manufacturer.
A rapidly expanding business saw SSS Perth faced with a problem of storing an increasing number of line items in an increasingly crowded space. A three-tier raised storage system offered full use of ceiling space and provided complete flexibility for the full range of products. The new system allows SSS Perth to provide ultimate levels of service, support and reliability that this demanding industry requires.
The new three-tier system saw immediate improvement in the ability to manage inventory levels, with emphasis on detection of slow moving items, whilst being safe, clean and efficient. Installed on a footprint of just over 800 square metres, it provides 4675 square metres of clear storage space. The system is designed around two main pallet entry points secured by two pallet access gates. These entry points negate the need for goods inward staff to carry replenishing stock lines to the second and third levels by hand, allowing them to fork load a pallet to either point at any one time, and restocking shelves from that level.
Stock is stored on a mixture of storage surfaces. Larger, bulkier items such as bonnets and doors are stored on pallet racking-based longspan shelving, while smaller stock lines such as switches and fuses are stored comfortably on APC’s universal steel shelving system. The system has been designed so staff can pick items from the face of the bay, saving time on moving cartons to access the back of the bay.
One of the important factors for SSS was that all APC racking uprights are full-length, one-piece units, providing a stronger and more reliable system. Imported racking uprights in similar lengths often have to be spliced and are usually combined with lighter gauges of steel to the top of the upright. Complementing the uprights are double-crimped boxed beam sections, providing the ultimate in structural rigidity.
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