New industry skills advisory initiative

A new consulting service from Victoria University’s Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides the means to identify logistics workforce training needs and offer advice on training solutions tailored to fit your business and your budget.

The Industry Skills Adviser program (ISA) offers the tools to optimise profit and capitalise on a company’s Logistics workforce skills, delivering:

· Reduced total logistics costs

· Improved customer satisfaction levels

· Increased supply chain capabilities with customers

· Better relationships with customers and suppliers

· Improved workforce problem solving

· Increased performance and building stronger teams

· Improved workplace safety, including auditing of current practices and critical incident management

ISA Program Manager Geoff Rigby says the initiative offers three levels of service.

“Level 1 is a complimentary 90 minute review of the client’s logistics operations complete with fully costed ‘training solutions’ proposal, with reference to any specific concerns you raise thought the consultation,” he explains.

Level 2 involves a two day survey of a company’s logistics operations and Level 3 entails a comprehensive audit of a company’s logistics, distribution, warehouse health and safety status, and related supply chain operations.

“Level 3 also enables a company’s initial concerns raised in the complimentary review to be addressed,” Rigby says.

“The delivery of logistics training and education solutions to specifically meet individual companies’ skills and capability requirements will be managed by ILSCM, on behalf of VU, and its partner organisations.”

For more information:

03 9919 6253 or email

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