Gearing up for Momentum

Momentum Australia/ New Zealand 2007 will be held on the 13th September at the Waterview Convention Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney.

The annual conference is rapidly becoming one of the Australian Supply Chain industry’s largest and best known events.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, Momentum Australia/ New Zealand (ANZ) will allow local organisations to hear examples of global Supply Chain best practice from Australian organisations like themselves.

In addition, conference attendees will learn about the latest developments in Supply Chain technology from Manhattan Associates, one of the world’s leading Supply Chain solution providers.

The event offers fresh insights into the complexities of the Supply Chain, along with the tools and the knowledge needed to overcome business challenges and optimise operations.

An unparalleled opportunity for companies of all sizes and across multiple industries to come together for strategic thought leadership, networking and idea sharing, this year’s conference will inspire Supply Chain leaders to achieve ‘Value through Innovation’.

Momentum ANZ 2007 will bring together delegates from amongst the existing Manhattan Associates ANZ client base, as well as key representatives from leading supply chain organisations, partners and industry associations. Delegates include chief executive officers, chief information officers, general managers, purchasing and supply executives, logistics managers, IT managers, and manufacturing managers from distribution intensive companies, as well as Supply Chain Consultants.

The global Momentum conference series commenced in May in Las Vegas, US, with three days of educational sessions and networking attracted more than 1,200 attendees.

During September and October, the Momentum conference will continue as a series of one- and two-day events held in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.

For more information on Momentum Australia/ New Zealand 2007, or parallel events in Singapore, Tokyo and Paris, please contact Jennifer Noonan:, phone: 02 9454 5414

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