3LOGIX on track for accreditation

Leading GPS Tracking solutions provider 3Logix will seek accreditation for the Intelligent Access Program( IAP). The company is in the final stages of internally testing their military grade GPS hardware.

CEO Lyndell McInerney says it is fitting that an Australian developed and designed product should complement an Australian initiative such as the IAP.

“The Intelligent Access Program will be a global leader in the logistics arena for heavy vehicle compliance and we believe it is 3Logix’ responsibility to assist with the success of this important initiative by applying our technical strength and resources,” he says.

McInerney also indicates the inclusion of the IAP application on their popular invehicle and mobility applications, confirming 3Logix’ intention to complement IAP hardware with value added enhanced GPS applications and software.

3Logix’ National Marketing Manager Stephen Walsh recently elaborated on the use of IAP accredited hardware by revealing a low cost entry point for transport providers, including those linked to enhanced GPS & mobility solutions.

“We’re already working with a number of clients and transport providers towards IAP, with and without workforce mobility & extended GPS solutions,” he says.

“Based on our low entry price, we are securing long term clients for a complete rebuild of their GPS and workforce mobility solutions linked to IAP.”

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