ERP Giant Killer

Mid-Comp International and its US partner OZ Global Software are seeking US resellers for the Stockman intelligent enterprise supply chain software for small to medium businesses (SMBs).

Stockman is a new shrink-wrapped version of Mid-Comp’s successful Odyssey enterprise solution, chosen recently by agribusiness giant Elders Limited in preference to 100-plus competing systems from vendors that included multinational giants SAP AG and Lawson Software.

Based on the same code as Odyssey, the competitively priced Stockman is packaged with an impressive selection of functions that are easily tailored to SMB supply chain requirements.

Competing with products from suppliers like Microsoft, Stockman offers the capacity to grow from 20 to unlimited users with no change in code.

Stockman is a fully integrated, real-time distribution and accounting system that focuses on supply chain efficiency.

Built to run via standard web browsers, the solution provides true integration between all elements of the supply chain.

Basic and advanced business functions can be performed by internal or external staff, customers and auditors (based upon pre-assigned user authority).

Mid-comp is working closely with Newport Beach, California-based OZ Global Software, Inc. to locate supply chain resellers in the USA and Latin America.

OZ Global Software President Dennis Bress says Odyssey is rapidly acquiring a global reputation as an ERP giant-killer.

“We are seeking resellers for the shrink-wrapped Stockman version who see the potential of a web-based supply chain software product that will run on any platform (iSeries, Intel, UNIX), using any database, and any web browser,” he says.

“We see Stockman as ideal for companies with 20 or more users who have outgrown their in-house software, yet cannot afford SAP, Oracle, Lawsons, etc. We offer low price entry with unlimited growth without changing code.”

“Mid-Comp International’s team came from the JD Edwards world, so resellers familiar with JDE will quickly appreciate why Stockman is so revolutionary.”

Elders Limited, selected Odyssey for their massive Merchandise Division operations. Other Odyssey users include Nintendo, Janome, and BlueScope Steel Logistics.

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