Volumetric Warehouse concept revealed

The interior roof height of more than 10 metres across the entire 68m interior roof span (the longest portal frame clearspan in Australia) generates an additional 20% of nett useable space for increased pallet stacking.

Rimco Steel and QR Concrete also made significant contributions to the construction process and functionality of the project.

The entire 68m clearspan McVeigh System is in perfect synergy with the remaining features of the building including pallet racking, sprinklers and lighting, providing maximum flexibility for storage configuration at minimum cost.

With their extensive industrial construction and design experience coupled with expertise in structural steel and warehousing,

McNab commissioned the design team, including Rimco Steel who were responsible for modifying the design of the 68m roof trusses, applying an innovative tapered design that delivered the required performance while reducing the quantity of steel required by 2 tonnes with a commensurate reduction in cost.

Rod Colwell was particularly impressed by McNab’s organisation of the QR Concrete team responsible for the tilt panel pour and erection.

The entire project was put ahead of schedule as a consequence of seven day a week erection schedule. The experience and capability of the reection team was demonstrated repeatedly as they erected the panels with an average turnaround time of 15 minutes.

McNab’s program for QR’s pouring the floor slabs, scheduled to commence at the beginning of September, involves an alternative “zig zag” pour to minimise concrete joints to just eight in each building which, when post-tensioned and post-stressed to a 7 tonne point load, is designed to lessen the potential of long term maintenance problems with floor cracking.

A semi-burnished finish will provide the required hardness without being overly slippery.

With civil works contracts about to be released, the final stages of the construction will be commenced. These also feature innovative planning with main services ringed around both buildings allowing for absolute flexibility for lessees to locate facilities to suit their internal plans and requirements.

The use of combined sprinkler and irrigation tanks is designed to maximise water storage utilisation, cost and water efficiencies. These tanks have been designed to be filled from the roof discharged water and / or the town supply and will also provide fire service water.

Rod Colwell said completion for occupancy is scheduled for first quarter 2008.

“The fact that a major construction such as this, involving for the first time several totally innovative techniques and procedures, is moving to completion ahead of schedule without even any minor glitches is testimony to the teamwork and planning brought to the project by a team of experienced professionals who were prepared to work together objectively and harmoniously,” Colwell says.

“This is reflected in the quality of their workmanship which has brought nothing but positive comment from the great majority of the many potential lessees who are expressing interest in the project in what is becoming regarded as Australia’s new ‘Inland Port’ network.”

“We at Insight certainly intend to take advantage of the intellectual capital the team has built through this project. Having sold one of the warehouses to MFS Diversified in June we now have a greater appreciation of several factors involved in this sector of our industry.”

“In many instances, they have access to significant rail links, with locations which provide easy linkage with air and seaport terminals, being fundamental essentials for ‘Inland Port’ status.”

actively assessing a number of locations which it has under consideration for similar facilities.

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