SkyWave improves application responsiveness

SkyWave Mobile Communications, the global leader for two-way satellite telematics products and services, has announced the availability of the SkyWave IsatM2M service and DMR-800D terminal, offering new features and advanced capabilities to enable Solution Provider’s applications with greater responsiveness.

By combining reliable, global, two-way communications with large message payload, low message latency and low power consumption, customers can enhance the performance of their existing SkyWave D+ applications and create new applications to enter new markets.

This robust feature set is not available with any burst data satellite service on the market today, making SkyWave IsatM2M the optimal choice for applications worldwide.

Based on enhancements to the trusted SkyWave D+ service, the new SkyWave IsatM2M service was developed to meet increasing market demand for dependable two-way communications with seamless global coverage.

The new DMR-800D terminal represents the latest development of SkyWave’s field-proven DMR product series, purpose-built for use with the SkyWave IsatM2M service.

SkyWave IsatM2M enhances existing applications to yield better management, visibility, control and security of critical assets.

Typical SkyWave IsatM2M applications include global intermodal container tracking, complex SCADA monitoring with large message payload and robust two-way text messaging applications for advanced logistics and force deployment.

“SkyWave IsatM2M builds on existing customer’s knowledge and experience with SkyWave D+, protecting their investment while offering a host of new features,” says Peter Rossiter, CTO for SkyWave.

“We will continue to support our dependable D+ service and field-proven DMR-200 D-series terminals and with these new offerings, customers benefit from more choice and flexibility for their applications.”

“They will gain access to markets which were previously outside of their portfolio-all without adding significant costs,” he says.

The SkyWave IsatM2M service and DMR-800D terminal are now commercially available. Visit for more information.

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