Systec Belt Scale Integrator/Totaliser

Scale Components, exclusive distributor of Systec, in Australia and New Zealand recently launched the IT8000 Universal W&M approved for industrial use weighing terminal.

The IT8000 is designed as a freely programmable weighing terminal for industrial weighing systems and can be adapted for a broad range of applications and industries.

The IT8000 is the ideal weighing terminal for: shipping and receiving scales, batching and recipe weighing systems, filling controllers for drums or IBC’s and for weighing installations with customised operating sequences. Another variation is configured as a fully featured belt scale totaliser/integrator.

Suitable for harsh environment weighing locations, the IT8000 has an integrated power supply unit, sealed cable glands for all cable connections and mounting brackets for desk-top or wall-mount installation. Power supply is 110—240VAC (integrated) for stationary use, alternatively an optional12-30VDC (integrated) power supply is available for use in mobile applications.

IT8000 standard programs include:

Filling Controller for liquids operation as an automatic or non-automatic weighing instrument, fast/slow feeding with preact optimisation, files for products and statistics, control of filling lance and conveyor.

Filling Controller for IBC’s with two-speed filling and preact optimisation, files for product parameters and statistics, control of inflation, compression and aeration equipment, fill time check and optional fieldbus interface capabilities.

Multi-material batch weighing controller with files for raw materials and recipes, automatic two-speed or manual batching, synchronisation steps for process control, batch protocol and material statistics.

Bulk Weighing Controller for shipping and receiving of bulk materials via trucks, freight cars or ships; with product files and control of silos, remote control is also possible via fieldbus (e.g. Profibus DP).

Loss-in-Weight Controller with continuous discharging from weigh hopper for the feeding into mixers or extruders, control of screw or vibratory feeder or adjustable valve via frequency inverter, with PID controller.

Check weighing terminal for piece goods with check scale with belt or roller conveyors, operation in dynamic or start/stop mode, 5 tolerance zones, files for products and statistics.

W&M approved truck scale terminal with files for customer, supplier and product data, internal W&M approved data archive, configurable print format, switching/summing function for combined platforms and full remote control capabilities from PC.

Belt Scale Totaliser/Integrator with display of rate and total throughput, high resolution rate and pulse outputs, Profibus and other connectivity options for high performance belt weighing applications in bulk handling installations.

For further information on the Systec IT8000 Universal weighing terminal please contact Scale Components on (07) 3274 1972 or

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