Spiral conveyor retrofits

Steel belt spiral conveyors suffering wear and tear or even those nearing the end of their lifespan can now be retrofitted.

Materials handling specialist Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd (ICA) has instigated a new retrofit option to save on the expense of replacing an entire system.

This will suit many industries including food processing, assembly, manufacturing, automotive manufacture and general engineering.

Often, when an existing belt is reaching the end of its life, users mistakenly believe there is no option except to purchase a completely new system.

In addition, if a spiral conveyor is worn and torn it is likely to be greatly increasing the user’s power bill as higher energy loads are then required to pull the steel belt around.

ICA is long established in the manufacture and supply of new freezer/chilling spiral conveying systems. The company can now also convert existing steel belt spirals to run on the new generation “Modular Plastic Spiral Belt”.

These belts are more efficient, quieter and cheaper. They can be fitted to ‘downgo’ or ‘upgo’ single-drum spirals or twin-drum spirals in any configuration for the in-feed and out-feed.

Once all the necessary components are replaced and the new belt fitted, the units are fully tested prior to being handed over for production.

Apart from the immediate aesthetic benefits, the new belts will provide quieter running and reduced maintenance costs.

Another immediate saving will be the reduction in energy costs. Contamination that can be experienced with steel belt spirals also disappears due to the engineering of the modular plastic belts.

ICA provides an assessment and quotation to get any system back to a high level of performance.

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