Global supply chain opportunity

The Global Opportunities (GO) Programme is a major component of the Australian Government’s Industry Statement announced in May 2007.

The GO Programme assists Australian industry to bid for work in global supply chains and major international projects. The Programme is worth $254.1 million over ten years, commencing in 2007—08.

The GO Programme targets global opportunities for which there is competitive Australian industry capability and capacity in the manufacturing and services sectors and a role for the Government in improving access to opportunities and in developing a team approach by Australian industry, including small and medium enterprises, to pursuing global opportunities.

The GO Programme is designed to underpin long-term, coordinated and strategic approaches by industry capability teams to pursue global opportunities with the support of the Australian Government.

Global opportunities targeted under the Programme must be substantial, representing total commercial value in excess of A$500 million over a foreseeable period.

On 28 September 2007, the GO Programme issued a pilot invitation for grant applications.

The GO Programme can be contacted by email at

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