Success for renewable packaging company

Canada-based Earthcycle Packaging, a developer of compostable packaging derived from the renewable resource palm fibre, is quickly making its mark on the packaging industry following a record-setting year of growth that saw sales increase by more than 200%.

Since its inception in 2005, Earthcycle has strategically increased its product library to include more than 12 original fresh produce and meat tray designs coupled with custom designed products and consumer products.

Additionally, the company has begun an initial North American trial production of its sought after compostable packaging.

Rather than producing solely overseas, Earthcycle continues to explore opportunities to import the raw palm fibre pulp for production in North America with the company’s contract manufacturer.

By offering innovative and accessible packaging options that are renewable and backyard compostable, Earthcycle has become a strong competitor in the packaging industry and will continue to grow its presence with the introduction of new designs and applications in the future.

Available in more than 2000 retailers across North America and representing all areas of the grocery industry including conventional supermarkets and boutique stores, Earthcycle’s packaging is currently on shelves in select Wal-Mart, Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores among others.

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