Geodis Group acquisition provides a 'step up' for R&L

Global logistics service provider Rohde & Liesenfeld has been acquired by

the French Geodis Group.

As of 2008 the German based logistics service provider Rohde & Liesenfeld will be integrated into the French Geodis Group.

Both parties have signed a respective agreement in Düsseldorf, Germany, subject to competitive authority approval.

“The integration into Geodis is a logical step in a mutual story of success,” says CEO and Chairman of Rohde & Liesenfeld Bodo Liesenfeld.

R&L and Geodis are already cooperating for more than five years. In 2002 the two companies established the worldwide logistics network “The Global Alliance”.

“This alliance presented R&L with a valuable strategic positioning,” Liesenfeld explains.

“The integration into the Geodis Group therefore symbolizes a step up into a new league for R&L.” In the future Bodo Liesenfeld will counsel the Geodis’ executive committee on strategic issues.”

Geodis and R&L complement each other in their core business fields.

Also in geographic dimensions the two companies fit together outstandingly well: Geodis belongs to the market leaders in North America, Asia, Western and Southern Europe, as well as in Scandinavia.

Rohde & Liesenfeld is established especially at the German and the Latin American markets, as well as in Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

Being part of Geodis, R&L becomes even more attractive for its customers.

“Along with the existing infrastructure of Geodis, which includes a worldwide capacity of 3 million square meters warehousing facilities and about 17,000 vehicles, R&L is now able to provide captive warehousing-solutions and regional road transportation in many countries directly through the Geodis network,” Liesenfeld says.

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