ATA NSW rejects IAP requirement

Compliance with the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) should not be a requirement to operate at Higher

Mass Limits in New South Wales, according to ATA NSW Manager, Hugh McMaster.

Mr McMaster says the Interim Council of ATA NSW determined its policy on IAP and HML at its

recent meeting.

The Interim Council is concerned that compliance with IAP will add to the cost of operating under

HML in NSW and notes that no such requirement currently exists in other jurisdictions.

Council expressed concern that the current HML network in NSW hampers industry productivity

when compared to other jurisdictions.

Mr McMaster says many Members have expressed concerns regarding the complexity of the HML

approval process.

“Problems continue to arise in gaining approval to operate HML vehicles on local roads,” he says.

“These problems should not be underestimated as they mean the ‘last mile’ of the journey cannot

be carried out in an efficient manner.”

Mr McMaster says the Council also called on the Roads and Traffic Authority to publish the HML

network so all trucking operators are aware of the routes on which it is legally possible to drive a

HML combination.

This is consistent with current practice adopted by the RTA in respect of B-Double and road train


“Trucking operators find these networks a valuable tool,” McMaster says.

“They give B-Double and road train operators a good idea of where they are able to operate legally

and provide an idea of the extent to which they can conduct their business on approved routes,” he


ATA NSW believes all affected operators who use NSW roads would welcome an equivalent HML


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