Operators welcome Pacific Highway committment

NSW trucking operators have welcomed the Prime Minister’s recent announcement

that an additional $2.4 billion will be allocated by the Australian Government to facilitate

completion of duplication of the Pacific Highway by 2016.

ATA NSW Manager, Hugh McMaster says the Pacific Highway is the second most

important freight corridor in Australia.

“With a growing population along the eastern seaboard north of Sydney and increased

industry and community dependence on the trucking industry, the road freight task

along this corridor will continue to grow substantially,” McMaster says.

McMaster says a divided carriageway comprising at least four lanes between Sydney

and Brisbane would deliver significant safety, economic and environmental benefits for

all road users and for local residents.

“Recent years have seen bipartisan support for more funding for the Pacific Highway,”

he says.

“It is important that this co-operation continues with whoever is in government during the

duplication of the highway and we welcome the project’s completion in 2016.”

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