DHL launches “paperless” service to streamline shipping

Global express and logistics company DHL, has launched the world’s first shipping service that eliminates the need for manual paperwork, therefore dramatically streamlining international business processes.

The new service is especially appealing for small to medium-sized businesses where time is sensitive.

DHL’s customers can now submit shipment details electronically using DHL eMailShip, an industry-first that allows air waybills and other required paperwork to be prepared offline using the Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

Once complete, the shipment details are submitted to DHL electronically via email. On receipt of the completed forms, customers receive a confirmation email with an attached air waybill and the necessary declaration forms to print and attach to their shipment.

In addition to easier shipment processing, users can also arrange shipment pick-ups at the click of a mouse and access shipment documents without having to search through files of paperwork.

It also allows details entered in previous electronic forms to be re-used for subsequent shipments.

DHL’s Senior Vice President Oceania Mr Gary Edstein says the company’s aim is to constantly raise-the-bar with innovations that make shipping through DHL a smooth and cost-efficient process for businesses.

“The introduction of DHL eMailShip is an example of an innovative but simple solution to help our customers save time and effort,” he says.

“The process is now closer to our customers’ communications work flows, which are increasingly dominated by electronic means, and will also allow us to enhance response time.”

The easy-to-use DHL eMailShip does not require additional software installation, password or hardware, beyond the basic configuration of a PC equipped with Internet connection, email system, the relevant Acrobat Adobe or Microsoft Excel programs and a printer.

To download a complimentary copy of eMailShip, please visit where a handy user-guide with step-by-step instructions for using the tool is also available.

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