LXE improves supply chain performance

Rugged mobile computing and data-collection solutions provider LXE Inc has announced it is targeting the retail and distribution industries with the introduction of the MX8 handheld data collection computer.

The new MX8, LXE’s smallest and lightest mobile computer, is designed for businesses seeking to increase productivity and flexibility from in-store and backroom data capture applications.

The MX8 handheld computer is a critical new piece of LXE’s comprehensive line of rugged, ergonomically superior handheld devices that includes the ultra-rugged MX5, the MX3X (the industry’s only horizontal, half-screen handheld) and LXE’s flagship handheld, the MX7.

The MX8 rugged handheld computer is LXE’s smallest handheld offering, measuring a mere 7.6″ long (19cm) and weighing in at only 12.25 ounces (350g).

The touch screen is a brilliant QVGA LCD, and backlit keys ensure total visibility in less-than-optimum lighting conditions.

Scanning options include standard-range scanner, 1D and 2D imagers. The MX8 computer comes standard with an IEEE 802.11a/b/g radio and Bluetooth technology, uses the most powerful CPU in its class, has memory to spare and runs on Windows® CE 5.0 Professional.

The MX8 is “Born Rugged, Not Made RuggedTM” – specialised plastics absorb impacts; solid state, industrialised electronics resist shock and vibration; and a fully ruggedised display and keyboard can handle the rigors of rugged light industrial operations.

The MX8 is “voice-ready” out of the box, complete with LXE’s ToughTalkTM voice recognition technology.

ToughTalkTM Technology is the specialised combination of LXE’s trademark ruggedised system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise-cancelling techniques, which enable the MX8 handheld computer to support today’s industrial-grade voice recognition applications.

With the MX8, customers can run voice logistics applications and traditional barcode scanning applications on the same unit.

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