Freightscan scans cargo in seconds

FreightScan is a leader in the development and deployment of groundbreaking technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry.

The company will launch its groundbreaking FreightScan FS100 automated dimensioning system at Air Cargo Americas 2007 in Miami, Florida, November 7-9.

Its innovative FreightScan FS100 system, developed in 2006, utilises groundbreaking D.I.M.M. Tech™ (Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement Technology), exceeds all existing standards for static dimming systems in the cargo industry.

For the first time in the United States, it enables cargo and logistics companies to collect accurate and reliable dimensions and calculate chargeable weight for multiple packages, in all configurations, with a single scan, in a matter of seconds.

This empowers companies to maximize warehouse resources by pinpointing those shipments that will generate additional revenue from dimensional weight, establish accurate billings, and significantly improve revenues and profit performance.

“Previously, dimensional data of cargo was an underdeveloped area for air cargo, trucking, freight forwarding companies and other segments of the logistics industry,” says André L. Johnson, founder and CEO of FreightScan.

“FreightScan’s new 3D imaging FS100 system, however, permits all cargo from single packages to shrink-wrapped skids to be scanned in seconds, and even scans multiple packages simultaneously.”

The system captures a digital and laser image for 100% of scanned freight, and incorporates that visual record with every waybill.”

This solution is fast, accurate, reliable and its automated data generation of correct dimensions and chargeable weight generates virtually instantaneous revenue gains for users with very little capital investment. The FS100 delivers ROI unmatched in the industry,” he says.

Delivering unprecedented ease of deployment, the FreightScan FS100 system is compact and installs virtually anywhere in a warehouse, 15 feet off the floor, to streamline the dimming process and maximize warehouse resources.

It is capable of scanning a one-lot shipment in four seconds, and a multi-lot system in 6-8 seconds, delivering individual dims for each package to within one inch of accuracy.

FreightScan recently completed a series of on-site evaluations of the FS100 with major domestic and international carriers at LAX, and is currently conducting a pilot program with a major U.S. airline at its LAX cargo facility. Permanent installations are scheduled to begin in January 2008.

“We have received outstanding results from our pilot programs to date,” Johnson says.

“We estimate that for a cargo operation that handles 200 shipments a day, FreightScan FS100 can generate additional annual revenues by as much as $1.2 million per year.”

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