New tool takes the risk out of managing staff

Workforce Guardian has announced today the launch of a comprehensive online employment relations platform that helps small and medium sized businesses comply with Australia’s continually changing employment law.

The platform provides a full suite of legally compliant tools and services that assist employers to correctly manage all aspects of employment relations; including hiring, managing and exiting employees.

Six variations of employment agreements are provided to suit all SMB business situations as well as over 80 templates, policies, forms and letters.

Straightforward step-by-step guides walk employers through processes such as performance counseling, disciplinary action and dismissal. Customers can access Workforce Guardian’s employment relations experts if required.

All material housed within Workforce Guardian’s platform has been verified by Clayton Utz and the documents and templates update as changes occur in legislation.

“Workforce Guardian takes the risk out of employing and managing staff which is exactly what SMBs need given the current Employment Relations climate,” says Adrienne Unkovich, Managing Director of Workforce Guardian.

“Our launch timing couldn’t be better given the upcoming election. Change to Employment Relations legislation has been proposed to differing degrees which will impact SMBs.”

“Workforce Guardian has been designed to keep in step with change as change occurs which reassures SMB using the platform as they’ll remain compliant.”

Putting the election to one side Unkovich believes SMBs have been in desperate need for some time now of a cost effective ER resource that makes it easy to comply with employment legislation.

In her experience a number of SMB employers are currently using employment contracts and agreements that are woefully out of date.

“In most cases these business owners had no idea their current contract templates were no longer compliant which is concerning as this lack of knowledge and understanding leaves these types of businesses wide open for an employment lawsuit,” Unkovich says.

“Workforce Guardian will greatly assist employers to act lawfully and do the right thing by their employees.”

Key benefits

· Fast, compliant employment contracts to suit individual business circumstances.

· Practical step-by-step guides and templates to help employers manage their people professionally as well as helping to manage risk and compliance obligations whether they are hiring, managing or exiting employees.

· Access to employment relations specialists when a real person is needed.

· All documentation verified in advance by a leading law firm Clayton Utz.

· Peace of mind assured – Workforce Guardian is available via the web 24/7.

· Regular updates provided on the latest ER news and issues as they relate to SMBs.

Pricing and Availability

Annual subscriptions are available for $950 a year for the Essentials edition (6-50 employees) and $2,200 for the Professional edition (51-200 employees).

Subscriptions can be purchased via the website –

A virtual tour of the platform can also be viewed via the website –

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