No 1. again

One of the world’s foremost material handling publications has ranked Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) the global number one for the sixth consecutive time.

German trade magazine Logistik Journal based its latest ranking on turnover figures for the calendar year 2006.

In fact Toyota is a clear number one in terms of both annual turnover and production.

The magazine reported total worldwide sales of 937,000 material handling vehicles in 2006, or which 190,000 were Toyota machines.

This compared with 177,000 machines produced by Toyota in 2005 – a 7.3 per cent increase in annual production.

TICO’s annual turnover was a reported 5,254 million Euro ($AUS 8,814 million) and its total material handling workforce is 36,096 people.

Its nearest rival, Linde Group, produced 134,000 material handling vehicles in 2006.

TICO is the parent company of Toyota Material Handling Australia.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) President, Steve Harper, said TICO’s acquisitions of BT in 2000 and Raymond had made a major contribution to the corporation’s overall success in the 21st Century.

"It also reconfirms Toyota’s commitment to quality, safety, reliability and the environment, as evidenced by our forklifts and warehouse equipment," he said.

Mr Harper said he noted with interest in Logistik’s report references to the importance of the Toyota Production System (TPS) in increasing efficiency, eliminating waste and continually implementing improvements.

"TICO is the industry leader in its level of investment in research and development. Through innovation and technological expertise, our forklifts maintain their industry-leading reputation for reliability, quality and safety."

Toyota exported its first forklifts from Japan in 1958 and sold its first forklift truck in Australia in 1968.

It has led the Australian counter-balance forklift market continuously for 21 years.

TMHA distributes the Toyota Industrial Equipment range of industrial equipment, along with the BT Lift Truck and Raymond Forklift ranges of warehouse equipment.

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