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Protect Yourself when Firing Employees

Workforce Guardian

Firing or terminating an employee is an event every business owner must contemplate when repeated misconduct or persistent poor performance is occurring despite previous disciplinary action. In the event of serious misconduct, even dismissal without notice should be considered.

It is important for business owners to understand their employee termination rights and responsibilities. Workforce Guardian provides business owners with the step-by-step advice to help navigate confusing legislation for employee termination and dismissal. Our document library contains a wealth of processes, forms and letters specific to termination and unfair dismissal legislation.

The previous government’s WorkChoices legislation allowed employers with fewer than 100 employees to have considerable freedom to dismiss without the employee having any recourse on grounds of unfair dismissal. However, the new Labor Government will change this legislation over time to ensure that the unfair dismissal regime will apply to all sized employers. Even with potential legislative changes, the risk of claims of unlawful termination and the potential for damage to the relationship with remaining employees warrant an employer applying a comprehensive and fair termination and dismissal procedure.

Workforce Guardian provides you with employee termination forms at your fingertips such as:

  • Stand-down Procedure
  • Discipline Interview Guide

We also provide you with employee termination letters such as:

  • Stand-down Letter
  • Invitation to Disciplinary Meeting Letter
  • Termination Letter
  • Dismissal Letter

Workforce Guardian provides comprehensive guidelines for specific termination events such as:

  • Restructuring and redundancy
  • Transmission of business
  • Termination by mutual consent
  • Abandonment of employment
  • Resignation
  • Frustration of contract
  • Constructive dismissal

For as little as $950 per year, you can say goodbye to worrying whether you’re covered. Say goodbye to expensive lawyers. Say hello to Workforce Guardian. Say hello to the comfort of protection.

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