Home away from home for truck drivers

The long road can be a dry and dusty proposition for drivers on the long haul, but the new Duoetta 12V/240V water heater may be the answer.

An innovative 12v/240v 10-litre water heater is being introduced to Australia that delivers enough capacity and temperature range for truck drivers or remote site workers to enjoy civilized home comforts wherever they are on the road or the water.

The Australian designed Duoetto from Aus J Imports offers people such as drivers, tradesmen and farmers selectable temperatures between 30-75 deg C on 240v so they can shower, wash, cook, clean and enjoy abundant hot water where mains power is available.

“Automatic sensors allow switching to 12V when mains power is not available, enabling the Duoetto to deliver ample hot water in remote areas,” says Jay King of AusJ Imports (

“The Duoetto is designed for rugged service, whether it is on an Outback station, construction or exploration site or in a trailer or boat. Many tradesmen and framers use their SUV/RV/ and 4wd vehicles and trailers for both work and play, so Duoetto can be doubly useful to them,” King says.

Featuring a stainless steel tank and high-density insulation, the ruggedly compact Duoetto also costs less than standard water heaters at a recommended retail price of $380.

Drawing a miniscule 4.6 amps at 240V (1000w) and 25 amps at 12v (300w), the 430 x 220 x 230mm the Duoetto features:

• Manufactured to IPX4 for protection against ingress of water

and compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3350.1.1:2002.

• Durable outer case with service and inspection points

• Automatic voltage detection switching from 12v to 240v

• Over-temperature protection

• Run-dry protection

• Combination brass pressure relief valve and non-return valve

• Male and female DC connectors supplied

• Warranty three years on tank, 12 months on parts

For further information about retail outlets, please email fax 02 8211 5252. For inquiries by retail outlets only, please call 0419 993 042. ABN 37001 889 283.

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