Warehouse Management Systems for less than $2,000 a month.

These days customers demand more and more services, which inevitably pushes up your costs. You simply can’t compete with your major competitors if you don’t have a WMS system that controls the DIFOTIS requirements in real time – “Delivered In Full, On Time and In Specification (what the customer actually ordered)

There’s now a Warehouse Management System that’s the epitome of a powerful, feature rich solution for automating the warehouse but won’t require a huge investment.

This real-time WMS system grants the ability to track receiving, put away, replenishment, order picking and dispatch.

Essentially, facilities that implement RF (Radio Frequency) enabled warehouse solutions experience major improvements in synchronizing the movement of goods, increased all round accuracy while eliminating excess inventory.

Changing the landscape of the way businesses acquire Warehouse Management Solutions has been a clear focus of technology suppliers over the past 2 years, with enhanced, rapid implementation processes that is designed to reduce the overall cost and time of implementation.

This is in part due to recognition by senior managers that financial management and planning systems have taken a priority at the expense of the supply chain cost and performance, which is so critical to the overall business.

These programs can now accommodate all the major functionality required to manage your operation, and to provide complete visibility of all inventory and stock transactions.

Such systems also now provide the flexibility to receive orders electronically through specific XML or flat file format, as well as complex EDI message transmission through the use of a 3rd party message interpretations.

These solutions have order management functionality which can substitute for a front end solution in the case of small to medium sized 3PL (Third Party Logistics) operations which don’t have this type of capability.

Complete web reporting can give both operations management and client remote visibility of the operations, without online access to a standardized system.

For 3PL solutions the web visibility is also the basis of a standardized billing modules, which allows for costing of each transaction in the warehouse.

Further such systems are now designed to provide maximum functionality for minimum investment, which includes the ability to run RF for the entire warehouse or in particular functions or locations of the facility, such as receiving and or picking on RF and replenishment and shipping through a paper based reporting system.

This type of solution then minimizes the hardware costs, and still provides the ultimate functionality required of a warehouse solution.

Functionality can also be extended and configured to handle more robust picking scenario’s and complex operational solutions that exist in the market.

Whether you operation is dispatching full pallets, cases, single units or a combination of all.

Pricing mechanisms have been designed to provide an ROI on a monthly basis, and not over an extended period of time, with little or no operational cost advantage.

Now companies can received a payback of 2 -3 times the monthly investment, beginning in the first month of operation, with virtually no risk of long term profit loss, or contractual obligations.

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