ParcelScan in-line dimensioning system

Scale Components announced today the launch of the National Measurement Institute (NMI) Approved ParcelScan in-line dimensioning system. NMI approval enables the ParcelScan system to be certified for legal trade measurement.

“ParcelScan is designed for use in distribution centres, warehouses, direct order fulfillment and logistics environments and combines the attributes of flexibility, accuracy and durability into one functional and automated solution,” he says.

“It provides data for storage location selection, carton selection, shipment planning and interfaces directly to manifesting and warehouse management solutions.”

“NMI approval and trade measurement certification of the ParcelScan system enables operators to use the measurements derived from the system to legally charge their customers,” Chappelow says.

Scale Components ParcelScan uses state of the art laser technology combined with optional weighing, barcode scanning, conveying and PC equipment to provide complete static or dynamic auto identification and measurement solutions.

Application software provides database and interface functionality for freight manifesting and processing applications.

For further information on the new Scale Components in-line dimensioning system the ParcelScan please contact Ray Chappelow on (07) 3274 1972 or

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