Biodiesel trial good news

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed the Coalition’s announcement of a $6 million

vehicle trial if re-elected, to test the suitability of competitive Biodiesel blend, B20, for use in heavy vehicles.

ATA Chief Executive, Stuart St Clair, says the two year trail will determine the suitability of the use of B20

in heavy vehicles and with no formal tests yet undertaken, the results of the trail could mean good news

for heavy vehicles owners and operators.

“The use of Biodiesel may lead to cheaper running costs for operators and will reduce the reliance on

fossil fuels; this comes at a time when heavy vehicle owners continue to face unprecedented rises in fuel

costs and I suspect many business owners are looking for an alternative,” St Clair says.

If the trial goes ahead, the ATA will continue to urge producers to ensure that fuel standards are up to

scratch with fears from manufacturers recently coming to light about the quality of Biodiesel blends in


If results of the trial are successful the ATA understands that users of the B20 blend will be able to claim

the on-road Fuel Tax Credit on the entire volume of the blended fuel.

“The trucking industry is one of the major users of diesel and we want to ensure that proposed standards

for blends are acceptable for the manufacturers and users of trucks,” says St Clair.

“The use of Biodiesel within the industry has such great potential; we cannot afford to see

inconsistencies in the standard of fuel that is being provided and consumed.”

The ATA is looking forward to working with governments on this initiative by providing the opportunity for

member companies to participate in the trail.

The ATA is also calling for bipartisan support for the

development and facilitation of biodiesel within the entire transport industry in Australia.

The trial is just one aspect of the Coalition’s plan for the promotion and increased use of Biofuels in

Australia with the party also announcing a $5 million campaign aimed at developing consumer

awareness on the benefits of using Biofuels.

“As the trucking industry prepares itself for the imminent arrival of the emissions trading scheme and

mandatory greenhouse gas reporting, we look toward cleaner and more efficient ways of dealing with the

growth of Australia’s freight task,” St Clair says.

“If operators have the choice of choosing a cleaner fuel, we may see less of an impact in the long term.”

“Ultimately we want to see the best possible outcome for heavy vehicle users, business operators and

the community and we will continue to work with governments to explore ways of achieving this goal,” he


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