ALC welcomes Rudd government

As the national umbrella body for Transport & Logistics (T&L), the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) looks forward to working in close partnership with newly elected Rudd Government.

With planning and investment in infrastructure of critical importance, ALC executive director Hal Morris says his organisation has proposed the national supply chain blockages program to the new ALP government.

“This takes the four major priorities that we identified by industry in 2006 and offers more detail on actions needed,” Morris says.

“The program focuses on fixing the rail system, ensuring all states have comprehensive and integrated freight infrastructure plans to target investment and ease urban congestion, and ensures the essential land corridors through our cities to intermodal facilities such as ports and airports are protected.”

“In addition the national supply chain blockages program ensures reform of regulation keeps pace with investment so that the industry can make best use of the infrastructure.”

Morris says the T&L Industry has now committed to ‘T&L Vision Zero’ and the ALC will be working closely with the Rudd government and senior industry leaders to deliver a safer system.

“ We’re working in partnership on this with the NTC and believe that T&L Vision Zero should include the development and implementation of a National T&L Safety Charter,” Morris says.

“We need to drive practical mechanisms to share knowledge and information and demand current and relevant data from the new government.”

“The T&L Vision Zero should also be included in the National T&L Summit, to ensure the industry can champion specific issues such as the investment urgently needed in rest areas,” he says.

The ALC has now released the new national draft T&L Industry Strategy for comment.

“This is the outcome of talking to hundreds of individuals from all States and Territories,” Hal Morris says.

“We’ve sifted through thousands of ideas and we’ll now debate the strategy at the meeting of the full ALC Council this Friday in Melbourne.”

“The ALC ten plans to sit down with the new government to finalise how best government can work with our industry in the years to come.”

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