Australia’s Mobicon heads to the UK

The first Australian made Mobicon container handler sold in the UK market was recently delivered to Karl King Transport in Suffolk, England.

The Mobicon can bring containers inside your warehouse increasing goods security and safety.

More importantly the Mobicon gives you the freedom to place the containers close to where the goods are stored.

According to company founder Karl King, KKT were looking for a system to ‘better manage’ on-site container handling and de-stuffing processes. KKT was previously loading from container ramps.

“Containers were unable to be de-stuffed in a timely manner and trailers were required to be unhitched and left in the yard for de-stuffing at alternative times.”

“Hence more trailer assets were required to complete the freight task,” he says

Overtime, stress and extended working hours were also impacting on security, safety, product damage, demurrage and operating costs for Karl King Transport.

“This has allowed us to lay off a expensive night shift, as the work can now all be done in the day.”

“Forklift wear has been reduced and we all feel that it has improved safety in our yard,” King says.

“This allows is significant cost savings associated with container handling for our business.” he says.

Benefits of a Mobicon for KKT:

    <li Improved yard efficiency

    <li Elimination of night shift

    <li Improved yard safety

    <li Significant reduction in container handling costs

    <li Much lower operating costs than a forklift or reach-stacker

    <li Ease and safety in operation

    <li The ability to operate in tight and congested areas

Key benefits of the Mobicon:

Improve Productivity

Cut Yard Maintenance

A Safer workplace

    <li 33 Tonne lift capacity

    <li Low height and narrow track

    <li Lightest container handler in the world

    <li Cheaper than alternatives to own and operate

    <li Buy Lease or Rent…the new way to handle containers

To find out more about the Mobicon please contact Damian Cosgriff, Area Manager, Mobicon Systems on 0413 449 120.

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